Monday, January 9, 2012

Week of the Walrus!

If there's one thing this HouseHippos loves, it's visitors and new friends! (especially ones with silly animals names like i have!)

And last night my Auntie Lisa brought her dog "The Walrus" (who was the dog i met the day i got out of the smelly, noisey, scary place) to come bunk with us for a week while she's away.

He was a little sad when Auntie Lisa left, so i tried to help cheer him up . . . 

I showed him how to sit to get cookies . . .

Foster Momma let him sleep in her bed so he felt more at home (harrumph, i was back in my crate), and i think that helped him because this morning he was more than happy to share the bed and cuddle with me!

I'm getting real good at the cuddling. And his brindled bum was very warm on my tummy!

Don't worry Walrus, we'll have lots of fun this week! I promise!

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