Monday, January 23, 2012

Slowcooker Sunday

Hey BestFriend?
Yes Hippo?

Are you snuggled under the covers dreaming about what we got to do yesterday?
I sure am, that, and its cold and RAINING out (shudder)

Mmm, yesterday when the whole housed smelled so good, but FosterMomma said that "slow cooker sunday's weren't for puppies" . . . but then, THEN, when she took all the good smelling food out, she let us LICK the whole slow cooker clean!!!!

Yes Hippo, it was delicious, even though your big ol tongue flicked stroganoff sauce in my eye more than once . . .

I'm sorry, it was just sooooo good, and i took my job of pre-washing the pot very seriously!

Well Hippo, you did a very good job, i actually didn't mind sharing with your meatball of a head . . .

Oh! Speaking of meatballs, did you get any meatballs yesterday? Because i didn't . . .
Sometime there are perks to being an Elderbull (and not having a tender tummy), i bet if you go back to sleep with me you will be eating meatballs in your dreams . . .
Okay BestFriend . . . i sure hope my new parents have dogs-need-to-lick-the-slowcooker-sundays too . .

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