Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Beginnings

Dear HouseHippo, 

This morning I had to wake up way too early, and i believe that's your fault. Dogs don't really say goodbye the way their humans do, but I got to thinking i should say SOMETHING since we were roomates for so long.

Hippo, hippo, hippo . . . you were the annoying little brother i never-knew-i-always-wanted. You made me smile, you were fun, you bugged me, you bugged me lots, and you kept me warm.

Speaking as one rescue dog to another, the world is a really big and wonderful place. You, like me, got your second start the moment FosterMomma clipped on your leash and walked you out of the noisey, smelly, scary place. You did a VERY good job embracing that and making ALL of us proud with how well and quickly you fit in. There will be stuff in your future that is new to you, that you haven't learned yet and might be a bit confusing. Trust the nice people that give you cookies and pets, and if you ever get scared and don't know what to do, look to them and they will let you know. Try you best to remember your manners (stop using your meatball head to crash into things!), continue to give kisses and make people smile, but try to do so with all your feets on the floor (especially when they first come home). Do your best to forget the bad habits I may have taught you (it was only ever that once i got the whole package of bacon off the counter . . . it may have even been a dream . . .) but please know that I enjoyed your company and helping you on your journey to being the dog we all know you are. 

And Hippo, if I ever get to come visit you, I'm holding you to that promise of sharing your liver treats.

With much love and respect (and now more space in bed and whatever couch i want), 
BestFriend Quinn


Yes, we got up early, but you always have to pee anyways! When FosterMomma packed up my "Flying House" and all my stuff, I knew things were really going to change now.

I want to say a big THANKS to you for EVERYTHING! You have always been the coolest dude ever, and you helped me lots during the time I stayed with you. I had so much fun with you BestFriend, and hope that someday I will make more friends like you.

Thank you for always sharing the beds and couches, for sharing the toys, and cookies, and most of all how whenever i didn't understand what FosterMomma was saying, gently explaining to me in dog language so that I could know what to do.

I will miss our morning chats. And how when you woof at nothing I would run around like a crazy Hippo. I will miss lying on the kitchen floor with you, and trying to pull you out of my crate. I will miss playing bitey face, and being told to take your ears and legs out of my mouth, and I will miss crashing into you for no apparently no reason, even when you're trying to poop. But most of all BestFriend, i think i will just miss YOU.

Love always and forever and EVER and EVER,
The HouseHippo

This will be Eugene's last post to this blog. You can follow updates of his travels east on the Ador-A-Bull FaceBook page. And once Eugene is all settled in, wether it is a FanPage or Blog Eugene's parents choose to do, the link will be posted here as well.

Thank you to all of you who followed his journey and enjoyed it with us. On a parting note (for now) there are MANY MANY dogs out there like Eugene, with just as much personality, deserving just as much of a chance. All it takes is a little extra time and a little extra patience, opening your heart and your home to a dog in need of a place to stay on their way to a Happy Beginning.

Until there are none, rescue one.

ADR Co-Founder, but more importantly in this moment, Eugene's FosterMomma


  1. I just want to tell you what a wonderful, funny, and heartwarming blog this has been to follow! I can't imagine how much you'll miss that sweet, crazy guy. It's an incredible thing you do for these dogs and as some one loves them, I just want to thank you for that.

  2. Love love love this. :)

    Welcome to Nova Scotia, Euge!

  3. Sort of breaks my heart that there won't be any more funny blog posts about the house hippo anymore.

    But I'm glad he got out alive, and is in a happier, safer place. :)