Friday, January 20, 2012


Yes Hippo, why are you shouting, its early . . . 
Bescause I'm excited!!!
Oh, why? This better be good, I want to go back to sleep.

Well, my new parents sent a picture of alllll the cool stuff they have to SPOIL me with! Seeeeee

Wow Hippo, you are going to be spoiled . . . Mmmmm, liver treats! Going to dream of liver treats . . .

You know best friend, if you ever wanted to come visit me at my new house i'd share alllll my toys AND my liver treat with you!
Awe, thanks Hippo, thats real nice of you. Now then, can we please sleep again?

Yes, we can, you know what BestFriend?

I think i'm really going to like this new place where i'll be living . . .but i'm still going to miss you, and our morning chats.


  1. I was smiling through that whole thing but his last sentence reduced me to sniffles.

    Oh Gene, you're going to be so loved (and so missed!).