Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pillow Talk

Hey BestFriend . . .
Yes Hippo

Can we have a chat?
Sure, lets get more comfortable
So FosterMomma said I'm moving soon, to a really cool place where i am going to do really fun stuff . . . but i'm going to miss you, and am a little nervous about things being different . . .
Thats great Hippo, i will miss you, sometimes . . . you'll be fine, i heard the phone call too (you were to busy running around with things in your mouth, ahem!), they sounds really great! You're gonna get to do so much fun stuff! Trust an elderbull, i know these things. I've listened for Foster Momma have MANY of these phone calls over time.
Foster Momma promised that my new parents will let me sleep in bed . . .
Thats good Hippo, you knew she would!
Do you think they'll let me bring my toys in bed too?
I'm sure they will Hippo, but maybe opt for a stuffy over that gross chewed fire hose, honestly kid!

Thanks BestFriend, you always know how to make me feel better.
You're welcome Hippo, now, sleeeeeping . . .
Right, yup, wanna snuggle my toy . . .?!