Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 more sleeps!

Hey BestFriend! Did you know that in only 2 more sleeps I will be going on my big adventure to go and live with my forever family?!

Actually Hippo, I did know that! It's been hard to ignore all the hustle and bustle around here (interupting my sleeping . . .ahem)

I know! Its been busy! Like how last night Auntie Kara came over to kiss and fawn over me. Didn't you think it was super cool that I had talked to her about a present for you and Foster Momma so that you could never forget the handsomeness that is meeeeee?!!!
PopArt Hippotography

and a lovely selection of candid moments from Eugene's journey! (which Foster Momma had salty wet cheeks from because this was so thoughtful as she hasn't had time to print any photos, and these are very special memories. Thank you so so much Kara! Kara rescues with ARF Ontario)
Annnd you know what BestFriend?! That antler Auntie Kara sawed and sanded just for me, well, I think I will leave it for you to enjoy and remember me with!
Awe, Thanks Hippo, that's really cool of you!

Also BestFriend, a new house showed up here, my "flying house" . . .

Its a little dark and scary in there, but i'm pretty sure my flying house is magic because whenever i am near it or sniff it COOKIES magically appear inside*!
A BIG thank you to Paws United Dog Rescue for donating the perfect Hippo sized crate!
*rescuers note: when flying/transporting a dog in a veri-kennel/hard sided crate (if they are not already used to being in one) it is important to make them comfortable with it first as the travel alone can be stressful on the pooch. This is done by rewarding the dog when they go near the crate, tossing cookies in to encourage them to enter the crate on their own (NEVER shoving/forcing the dog in, that just makes it more scary), and working up to having sessions with delicious things to eat/chew inside the crate while still in a comfortable and familiar environment.

And ANNNNND, last night Foster Momma got a letter and pictures from my new Mom and Dad! Lookit how smart my new Dad is!!! He's installing a safety gate to prevent my huge meatball head from Cannonballing down the stairs for fun or to greet new guests!

Foster Momma was super impressed by this (she wasn't even the one who suggested it! She suspects that my new Mom had something to do with this!)!!!
thank you new Mom and Dad for making holes in your nice walls to keep the Hippo safe and practicing good manners! Wow!

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  1. I wish I had been introduced to House Hippo sooner! I hope you have a great new life with your forever family... and I really hope to hear about it :)