Monday, January 16, 2012

Pending What?

Well friends . . . my status has changed to "adoption pending" (whatever THAT means). Foster Momma said this was important to share with you. So this means i won't be napping with BestFriend forever and ever?
In regards to that, Foster Momma said the nice people that i'm probably going to live with mentioned that, they almost feel a little bad that BestFriend and I will be split up (way to earn bonus point with Momma Stefanie and Dan!). 

So on that note, we wanted to put everyone's mind at ease. BestFriend does love me, lots, but, there are also times when he wishes i would be a little less, well, me!

The good news is, these nice people i'm probably going to live with have said that Foster Momma AND BestFriend and ANY of my other extended family (that means you Dr. NeuteredMe!) is welcome to visit anytime - wow! That sounds like fun!


  1. what a good bestfriend... someone must have taught him wonderful manners... ;o) pending adoption, how bittersweet it is!!

  2. I would be lying if I didn't admit I was jealous of whoever gets him. He's such a doll and the exact kind of dog I love. He would have made a great little bro' for my girl, if it weren't for that damn BSL... good luck to him!

  3. He is so dang adore-a-bull! He looks like a little Hippo in this video! If I had found him sooner online I would have marched up to Canada to try to see if he could come live with me in TEXAS! I would love for him to be my therapy dog in the therapy dog organization I opened up several years ago... What a doll! If his adoption falls thru let me know! ;-)

    Stacy Greer
    Adventures in Canine Training, Dallas, Texas