Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Dear new Mom and Dad (i am hearing these words a lot, so I am going to try this out) I wanted to show you (and everyone else) my NEW favourite toy! (the wubba is old news, . . . well, its in pieces and no fun anymore) It's called a Hurley, and its green, and i can chew it, and chew pieces off of it . . .


Foster Momma says it helps keep me entertained, but i just like it! New Mom and Dad, can i please have one of these at your house? Um  . . . MY New house (gulp!)

The only time i like to take my Hurley out of my mouth is when i have kibbles. Oh, also, can I maybe NOT have a pink bowl at your house? Foster Momma says this was a "donation" - pfft! Something in a boy colour please?

Also, might you have a take me out for walkies coat that MATCHES my Hurley? If not, thats cool too!

Mmmmm! Hurley!

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  1. I am so happy for Eugene and soooo sad for me. I have fallen in love with your little "house hippo"! I will miss reading about all his adventures. I know he's going to have a wonderful life and make his new parents smile everyday. Thank you for letting us in on his life.