Thursday, December 8, 2011

Warm & Toasty

See my new coat?! MY new coat!!! For ME and ME only and it fits ME perfectly because it was ordered especially for ME with MY special size of bolder head, rippling chest, tight and toned waist and stubby body length! YUP YUP!

It has a fuzzy fleece lining and Foster Momma says I won't get as wet when it rains or snows . . .uh, SNOWS?! brrrrrr . . .! But this coat will keep me warm and toasty!

And have we noticed that it matches my collar and brings out my eyes and fur?

"I'm too sexy for my coat, too sexy for my coat, my coats' so warm and tooooasteee"

I (and Ador-A-Bull) want to say a HUGE EUGE sized THANK YOU to my Auntie Leigh and Auntie Jen who were the donations behind outfitting me in such designer warmth and comfort! Licks and wiggles your way ladies! (and the folks at Chilly Dogs for making such awesome threads and having uber fast shipping)

What's that? Turn around? How does it look from behind?

Ohhhh yeeeahhhh! I saw that . . . my bum makes me smile too ;)

1 comment:

  1. you're VERY welcome, little prince. i can't come smooch you in person, so a little money for a coat will have to do ;o) xoxo