Thursday, December 15, 2011

C is for Couch!

I have a confession to make. I got stuck to the wall again last night, twice. You see, BestFriend Quinn's ears are soooo tasty and fun to nibble on! And while he never tells me to stop, Foster Momma does. And when I just can't listen because I am having too much fun, we have a "time out".

please note BestFriend is also protesting the end of our fun

 However, I learned my lesson and later on got to do my most favourite thing, hang out on the COUCH! There are TWO couches to sit on . .  .

This couch,

And this couch,
And i can sit like this,

Or like this,
Or like this even,
But my favourite was to be is on the couch is like THIS!
curled up as tight as i can in Foster Momma's arm   
I think Ursula deserves a couch to curl up on too. Don't you? How are we doing with that friends . . .?
SAVE URSULA! (please)

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