Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pay it Forward

"You are safe, you are loved, and it all gets better from here"

On my first night out of the loud, scary, smelly place Foster Momma kissed my head and said that to me, I will never forget it.

Sometimes when we snuggle before bed she strokes my head as my eyes get sleepy and she tells me stories of what things the future could hold for me. But last night she told me a story about another dog who is in the same spot that I was. Another dog she wants to help like she helped me.

Her name is Ursula (sounds like a nice dog to me!) and she is about the same age and kind of the same fur colour as me (how cool is that! I think i'd like to meet this Ursula).

Foster Momma says in order for her to get a new life like me, that someone has to have Ursula come stay with them (like I am with Foster Momma), but so far nobody wants her . . .  and that makes me sad. I can't imagine still being at the loud scary place, or worse (gasp).

So i'd like to ask you friends to help! Could you, would you, take a chance on a dog like me (a very good idea in my humble hippo opinion! I mean just look how i'm turning out!). Could you maybe spread the word and ask your friends?! Could we let as many people as we know about Ursula and that she needs a place to stay for a little bit?

Tell ya what! I'll take the cause to the doggie community, if you can all talk to the humans. Deal?!

Not a bad start huh?! Now lets see what you got!

Ursula is a 1.5 (approx) spayed female STUNNING-SMILEY Mix. She is dog friendly, and seems to know some basic commands. Ursula is in need of a foster home (a 1-3 month commitment), Ador-A-Bull Dog Rescue supplies food, crate, collar, leash, etc, and covers the vet bills. You provide the time and love. Interested? (oh please oh please) email:

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  1. I wish I could help... I really do. But I don't have the space yet. I hope someone comes forward soon who can.