Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Movin' On Up!

I HAVE NEWS!!! BIG NEWS!!! Last night my bed moved, up to where I hang out with BestFriend Quinn and the girl dogs!

Foster Momma says now that I've learned NOT to sing bedtime songs (no one ever comes to sing along, nor do i get cookies for my talents) it's time for me to "Integrate" more . . . SURE! (silly humans and their fancy one word for smell more dogs, eat more treats and hear more noises)

I don't even mind when everyone joined me for the housewarming and wanted to see my stuff! (listen, for a dog like me who came from not much, those blankets, bowls and a kong or two are like hitting the lottery folks! But I have no problems sharing them with friends - ya me!)

Maybe someday BestFriend Quinn and i can have a sleepover!

Until then, I'm pretty happy just to be up here!

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