Monday, December 26, 2011

Nurse Eugene

As much as I love BestFriend Quinn and he loves me, the girl dogs are another story. The little one seems to like me fine, but Daphne and Beans still aren't 200%. Foster Momma says its because they've seen LOTS of rescue dogs come and go, so it's my job to win them over.

Challenge accepted!
To make things even trickier though, Foster Momma says Daphne is really hurt, and needs to have a big important surgery to fix her. (poor poor Daphne, she walks funny and we can all tell she isn't feeling well)
So I've decided to make it my job to help make her feel better! I'm lying calmly with her, telling her what's on tv when her eyes get sleepy, and helping to keep her warm!
I'm being the best Nurse and new friend I can be. (I hope it earns me some Daphne likes me points!)

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