Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hunger Strike

I'm being a brat! Foster Momma says so and I know it.... I've decided that I don't want to eat my kibbles. They are tasty and healthy and Foster Momma assures me just as good as the kibbles the other dogs get, but nope, I don't want my kibbles, I want THEIR kibbles.
My plan so far is to refuse what kibbles I am given, and any chance I get to find leftovers from the other dogs, I'll eat that instead!

Foster Momma is trying hard, she gave me a new bowl, put some chicken soup in my kibbles, and even tried to feed me by hand. But I am stubborn! Ha!
Don't worry, I won't starve, my kibbles are always waiting in my crate if I decide to eat them... But for now, it's a battle of wits!

I wonder who will win....


  1. Oh Euge... did Tyson let you in on this plan?? He went on a hunger strike last week, and would only eat the captain's food, or what momma made for him on the stove. You spoiled little brats :oP xoxo

  2. Oh you stubborn big-headed sweet boy! Lucille thinks this is not such a good idea! She says give your wonderful foster mom a kiss a have a little knosh!