Saturday, December 24, 2011

B is for BABY!

What an exciting 24 hours it's been friends! First a visit from my Auntie Kara, smoked bones, a SLEEPOVER and then today another new friend, well 3 actually, one of which was a super tiny, super cute little people. Foster Momma said he was a "baby" and to be gentle....
I practiced my best manners. I didn't jump or use my paws near him, I lay down nice so my big head didn't scare him. And he wasn't, so I even got to KISS HIM!!! (little people babies are so soft and sweet)
Foster Momma was very proud of me and my new friends Auntie Alynn, pretty girl Ayden and baby Navan were so nice to visit with!

I <3 new friends!!! :)

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