Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving at the speed of LIVER

I will do anything (well, almost, I have yet to been asked to do something i'd rather not) for dried liver! YUM! SNORFSNORF!

I will even leave one alone, right in front of my nose . . .that is, if i am told to "Leeeave IT!"

I also enjoy sharing my treats with QUINN!!! (okay, not so much sharing as when he is near i get extra treats so i am sure to be EXTRA good).

Quinn is so super cool! Did i mention that yet? I am trying really hard to contain my excitement (and when i forget being stuck to the wall reminds me) when Quinn and i hang out.

Did i mention i got to hang out with QUINN??!!! AGAIN!!!! and got LIVER TREATS!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love how Eugene hardly takes his eyes off you!! "Hey, do you have more of those delicious things?? Do you?? I'm watching... if you have more I'll see them... do you have more?? I think you might have more..." LOL what good boys!! Give them both a snuggle for me!