Monday, November 28, 2011

I know what you did last weekend!

Whoa boy! What a weekend!!! Because my house manners have been so good i was given more freedom and a bunch of time spent in the kitchen. I even got a another (NEW) comfy pillow FULL of interesting smells (me thinks the other dogs in the house, yup yup . . )

And i didn't even try and eat the yummy smelly thing attached to the wall behind me! I just chilled out like a good boy, showing foster momma i had huge "potential" to be living with the whole family soon! As in ALL the time!

I even spent some time learning how to cook,

Momma said i was really good not to jump up and try to help myself . . . Frankly, i found the whole thing a bit booooring . . .

But the best BEST part of this weekend was starting to make a new friend. At first,  i was allowed to have supervised sniffs through the fence! Seeeeee! We both had nice manners, no one yelled or swore at each other, and whenever i was told to come or sit, i did . . .

You see, the thing is, (so I have been told by my Foster Momma, who claims to have done this with lots of dogs), a dog like me, who hasn't had a chance to hang out with many other dogs, needs to go nice and sllllllow when meeting new friends, so that I am given every chance to mind my manners and be rewarded for doing things properly. If we go too fast and were just allowed to play and yell and jump on the furniture, the dogs that already live here might not get to appreciate my true personality, and would just be annoyed, or feel like i have overstayed my welcome. And i sure don't want that!
So slow and steady it is, and i'm cool with that!

I met the older dude, Quinn (remember Pig Pen?! He was actually pretty clean) and Momma said i did okay. 
I was just SOOOO excited to get up close to him. I just wanted to give hi fives and ask him all kinds of questions "HOW OLD ARE YOU?" "HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE?" "WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR DINNER, SAME AS ME?"

And he was really good about my in-your-face-overly-excitedness (again, so sorry Quinn) . . . but none the less we took some space and practiced just hanging out and not talking or playing (pout). But we did however get yummy treats, so that was nice. Foster Momma said she could tell i didn't mean anything bad by my excitment, but that we had to work on being a bit more polite . . . okay, sigh, practice makes perfect!

I hope i get to practice hanging out with Quinn again so I can have more yummy treats!

But if i had to pic a most favourite part of the weekend, it would probably be the snuggle time i got! Man do i LOOOOOVE to snuggle!
(and i think foster momma does too!)

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