Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bob Barker says "Spay and Neuter your pets!"

And apparently that's just what happened! Though i don't remember much of yesterday, the parts I do were full of fun and new friends and LOTS of talk of how handsome I was, and what a good boy I am, and how pretty my nails were . . .wait? what?! We'll get to that part . . .
I spent the day with some of the nicest (and prettiest) ladies this dog has ever met! Wowza! The team at Oakridge Animal Clinic treated me like a rock star (even after i may have made a rather stinky mess in my crate . . .stress i tell ya) before and after this whole "Neutering" proceedure i allegedly underwent . . .

I remember hanging out with my new friends, discussing the latest in collar fashions and indestructable toys . . .

When it was "my turn" (oh boy oh boy, how i loooooove things to do with me being the center of attention!) Mandy and Nicole smelled real nice, and cuddled me through some of the pinchy feelings, they said maybe i shouldn't watch because it might be a bit scary for a sensitive soul like me

And then i started to feel awfully sleepy . . .

(the clinic staff were kind enough to take photos while i was indisposed) i wonder what happened . . .
not the best look for me, and i have no ears, was the shower cap really necassary?!

ewwwww, looky here, upsidedown AND in a shower cap . . .with a blanket that matches neither my collar or new chapeau (ha! I speak french, did you know that?!!!!) it does however match my Auntie Alix's spiffy smock!

i like her shower cap WAY better than mine!

and would ya lookit that! Strong like bull! Get it?!! Harrrrharrrrr! I KILL ME! :)

don't fall asleep at the clinic folks, they'll paint your toenails, all 18 of them!

i must say though, blue IS my colour, and they compliment my fur nicely. Foster momma is jealous, she doesn't have nails painted as nice as this!

Okay, where were we? OH! The other strange thing that happened while i was not-remember-sleeping . . .

BEFORE . . .
and AFTER! Waddaya know about that?! (my apologies on the graphic nature of the photos, but in the interest of science . . . well, you know . . .)
It's so breezy and cool between my legs now, and I LOVE it! Thanks Alix!!!!

i was kept warm and cozy while i slept off the sleepiness (did that make sense? I tried to spell anesthetisomething . . but couldn't - so sleepiness it is!)

and when i woke up, i just wanted to be cuddled and kissed. I didn't feel like myself, but all the lovin' made up for it.

Foster Momma says i have to "take it easy" for a few days, and then maybe we can go visit my new friends again to make sure i'm healing okay. I say "SURE!" - I loves those ladies, almost as much as they loved me!!!

(Ador-A-Bull would like to extend our utmost thanks, as always, to the PHENOMINAL staff at Oakridge Animal Clinic for always going above and beyond for our rescue dogs!!!)

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