Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby it's C-C-C-COLD outside

This is me, this morning, chattering my pearly whites and closing my eyes hoping this chilly white stuff will stop freezing my toes!
I know, i appear to be a macho-man, but look at me, that beeeeautiful blue fur provides about as much coverage as a hairless mole rat has. And while my country digs are lovely, MAN, is it COLD OUT! (windy too).

All my whining and shivering prompted my foster mom to see if i could fit into any of the coats she has for the other dogs (the other dogs i can hear and smell, but haven't seen yet . . .foster momma says first i need a "snip snip" and then a slooooooow and positive introduction regime to each one  .. . just think of the blogging i can do about THAT!) anywho, allegedly these other dogs in the house are also of the hairless mole rat variety, and need to wear coats in the cold weather too.
This, while very much my style, is actually a women's (oh the shame) so, my mister bits are stuck in the shirt, and as such the shirt gets peed on . . . oi! However, i can't wait to meet the fit little fox that fits into this properly . . .wooof woof!
And this one was nice, but way to long, hides my tail and gorgeous glutes, but doesn't even come close to accomodating the wonder that is my chest and shoulders . . .EPIC FAIL!
On to the lovely, FILTHY, utility piece, that must have been for the family horse? . . . Seriously folks, this is humiliating (I was told this belongs to the boy dog who really wants to be my new best friend . . .we'll see about that! For now, i will call him Pig Pen, because judging by his coat . . . yeah . . .)

And those were the options . . .so for now i still have to go outside naked - ACK! Foster momma said that if i asked nicely, perhaps some of my adoring fans would chip in so that the rescue can buy me a coat of my very own, one just for me, that fits meeeeee!
See my big brown "donation" eyes . . . . seeeeeee . . . i ever wore a hat with bigger ears than i have to show you how ever so cute and needy i am!!!! (please see the donation button . . . to your right here . . . . or info@ador-a-bull.com for something called and e-transfer . . .sure, works for me, as long as i get a coat . .puhleeeeze!)


  1. And just like that Eugene has a "fairy dog mother" who is asked for his measurements and choice of coat and she is going to buy him one and send it our way!!! Yay!!!