Monday, November 21, 2011

Day One - Model House Guest

Yep, thats what i've been hearing . . ."model house guest", "he's being so good", "i'm so happy he settled in so well" . . . of course i did! Its nice here! I don't have noisy or smelly neighbours, i get yummy food and treats and this big black toy they call a "Kong" full of the most frozen and delicious stuff my huge tongue has ever licked . . . life is goooooood!
Life also has a lot to offer i am learning! Like all these wonderful sights and smells . . . i mean look at this view!
I have also learned that food tastes MUCH better out of hands than it does bowls, in fact, i think i prefer it (i will put the fault on my foster mom for even offering me this option, don't mind the drool, i can't help it)
And rumour has it that if i keep up the great manners and good behaviour that there are more fun things and privledges to come! We just all need to get to know each other a bit better. And i can't WAIT to charm everyone further . . . it's almost what i was born to do . . .
What do you mean its not take-your-foster-dog-to-work-day??? (sigh) Fine, okay . . . . i will just wait patiently until you come back home then! I loves you . . . .(SLUUUURP)

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